Ultrasound is offered at Houston Northwest Medical Center (HNMC) - Women's Diagnostic Center in the Women's Atrium and in the Main Dept., as well as Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center and Tomball Regional Hospital. Abdominal (gallbladder, liver, kidney, aorta ), obstetric, gynecologic, thyroid, breast (female), scrotal (male) exams are offered. 

Pelvic ultrasounds require drinking 32 oz. of water beginning 45 minutes prior to the exam, as the bladder is a "window" to the pelvis. The abdominal exams require nothing by mouth after midnight the evening prior to the exam.

The breast exam is best performed if accompanied by the most recent mammogram, unless the woman is less than 35 years old. The other exams require no preparation.

Types of Ultrasound include:

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